Def Squad’s Erick Sermon is back in music-making mode and recently invited a grip of media – including SOHH – to an exclusive Q&A at his studio where he talked about everything from piecing together a new album to using Tracklib to create fresh tunes. Check out footage from the outing and four big takeaways from the outing below.

1. The Future

Tracklib has so many dope songs that you never heard before. Even though theres about 50 thousand songs on there now, I’ve been doing this for thirty years, the first twenty samples on there I never heard before.

2. The Digital Era

The great thing about it is creativity becomes digital and super fast like 10,000 times faster than traditional creativity. You can search by beats per mit, by key, by year of release, by genre.”

3. Now Or Never

It’s the illest sh*t for a producer, I don’t care who you are.

4. Worth The Price

Now you’re able to afford the sample at a really cool price, get it cleared right in front of you and then it’s yours.

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