In less than one year two members of The Geto Boys have passed away first with DJ Ready Red in August of 2018 and most recently with Bushwick Bill this month. Bill – just like Red – had many classic moments on the Murder Master Music Show.

It was hard to just pick his Top 5 because we have several hours of Bushwick Bill interviews containing conversations with other rap legends, him reciting his lyrics and telling his history. My thoughts go out to his family, friends, and fans around the globe.  Check out five of his most memorable moments below.

Bushwick Bill wanting Health Care for Hip Hop 

This was huge but fell on deaf ears. After Bill said this I sent it out to everyone ion Hip Hop media. Bill raised a legitimate question about having a Union and Health Care for Hip Hop just like others do. This was an opportunity to give all platforms a chance to spread the word about helping our Hip Hop brothers and sisters in need of medical attention. It’s funny how the media is quick to spread bullshit but will sleep on a serious issue like this! Much props to Bushwick for putting it out there, maybe something reading this can put something together, someone with major influence and financial backing. 

“I believe every Hip Hop artist’s money should not be seasonal it should be generational. Their children’s children should be able to live off their money because if a country singer can do it off of one song just imagine all the one hits Hip Hop has had in an industry that makes three Billion.  Why is there no Hip Hop union? If a Hip Hopper gets old and doesn’t have money for whatever there should be money for his medical. Why don’t we have that? Why can’t we take care of the medical costs for all of us?”

Bushwick Bill and DJ Ready Red reminiscing about the early Geto Boys days  

When Red called into one of our Bushwick Bill interviews we knew it was something special. We sat back and let the two chop it up about the early days of the Geto Boys back when it was the Ghetto Boys with Sire Juke boxx and Prince Johnny C. This was back when Red was the first who sampled Tony Montana. 

DJ Ready Red – See Bill was straight up B-Boy! Bill could dance Bill knew what time it was and he knew how to tap into my creativity. 

Bushwick Bill: To me Red is the dopest producer ever that was on Rapalot and in music period! Red had an SP1200 and he had a floppy disc he would make the beat on, and he would move the metal strip over an inch to extend how much beat he could record on the floppy disc! He was a Macgyver!”

DJ Ready Red: We was watching Scarface and right at the time when Sosa said “So how do I know you’re not a chivato Tony?” and Bill sat on my starter pedal and started the beat machine as soon as Tony Montana said “All I have in this world” and I said “Bill, did you hear that?” 

Bushwick Bill: And then you made Tony sing! You had me watch that movie Scarface with you religiously over and over again! 

Bill spittin rhymes 

The homie Scratch LDP was bringing up a song and Bushwick just started spittin’ the rhymes. This was just how humble he was.  

“I might be small but I got big balls write my name on the wall with blood stains after the brawl evil thoughts run deep in my brain I’m sick and deranged so feel the pain flowing through my veins”

DJ Paul and Bushwick Bill have hilarious convo about Tight Pants 

This was one of the funniest moments on the show hands down. Bushwick Bill and DJ Paul had us crackin’ up when the conversation turned to fashion. 

“DJ Paul: If anybody wanna start a Bushwick Bill in tight pants kinda deal I’m down with it, I’mma lead that mutha fucka! Bushwick Bill in tight pants, Bushwick Bill in tight pants, Bushwick Bill in tight pants!

Bushwick Bill: It’s not gonna happen! Bushwick Bill in Jabos!

DJ Paul: I just wanna hang out with Bushwick Bill regardless because I grew up off of him and I’m a big fan and I fuckin’ love the hell outta him……….Bushwick Bill in tight pants, Bushwick Bill in tight pants!

Bushwick Bill: DJ Paul in tight pants, DJ Paul in tight pants! ”

Bushwick Bill speaks about dying and coming back to life after being shot in the eye in 1991


I bought We Can’t Be Stopped when it came out and the same with Little Big Man. I was familiar with what happened when he got shot from the song Ever So Clear, but on the show Bill broke it down so vividly describing dying and coming back to life. This was one of those moments that was as real as it gets. 

“I died June 19th 1991,” he said when asked about being at the morgue. “I was in the morgue for two hours and 45 minutes before I came to. My toe was tagged and they were pushing me in the drawer and I looked both ways and I saw frozen people to the left and frozen people to the right. I thought I was dreaming then I saw people in front of me pushing the door closed and I was like, ‘Yo!’ And everybody stopped and I said, ‘I have to pee’ and I jumped up and pulled the catheter out and the security for the morgue stood there and I ended up peeing on his leg and he took off running [and said] ‘He’s alive somebody help!’ They ran back in there and shot me up with a big needle and I woke up handcuffed to a hospital bed.”