Atlanta rap duo Ayo and Teo have more moves than you think. The hip-hop newcomers show off some impressive skills in a new, unaired clip from Fuse’s “Made from Scratch” digital series.

In a 42-second video, both Ayo & Teo flex their one-two steps in their living room surrounded by family.

Atlanta transplants Ayo & Teo think they are going to be sharing a favorite childhood recipe – their dad’s tacos – with their managers and friends. The brothers are in for a surprise when they arrive home to film with Fuse and discover their dad secretly flew in from Michigan to help them out. Gathered around the kitchen with family and friends, Ayo & Teo reminisce their childhood, their dance inspirations and their overnight claim to internet fame with their smash single, “Rolex”.

Having worked with Grammy award-winning R&B singer Usher and hip hop producer Jazze Pha, Ayo & Teo have garnered millions of fans around the world. The duo recently released their latest single “Ay3” featuring Lil Yachty.

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