New York rapper A$AP Ferg is showing life is way bigger than apartments. The Harlem native recently gave fans an up-close tour of his New Jersey home.

Ferg’s Mansion

Recently, A$AP gave his true supporters an intense look at his spot in the Garden State. A$AP Ferg showed off the art-filled house and put extra attention on a Flintstones-looking dining room table.

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A$AP Ferg gives the world a peek inside his New Jersey house

Today Architectural Digest is joined by A$AP Ferg for a tour of his peaceful yet aesthetically stimulating home. Although grateful to have travelled and experienced so much through his career, having a home suited to reflection and emotional recharge is essential to a performer. A$AP Ferg has filled the space with artwork that resonates with him at a deep level, including works by his brother and his own paintings – one of which he had converted into a massive handmade rug in Nepal. Join A$AP Ferg for a candid look at his home, his life, and what he thinks is most important during these turbulent times. (Architectural Digest)