New York rapper 50 Cent is letting the cat out of the bag. The hip-hop veteran went to Instagram Tuesday to share footage of a former comrade from his street days speaking on his credentials and the issues jailed kingpin Kenneth “Supreme” McGriff.

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#BimmyAntney of The #SupremeTeam speaks on #50Cent. Bimmy was a Supreme Team lieutenant and is cemented as a true OG out of Southside. Here, Bimmy speaks on 50 Cent being close to fellow Supreme Team lieutenant ‘Black Just’ (Black Just was ultimately murdered by aspiring rapper and drug dealer #EMoneyBags accidentally – E-Money Bags was targeting Supreme himself but ended up killing Black Just. This resulted in the retaliation murder of E-Money Bags). Here, Bimmy explains how when Supreme was in jail both Bimmy and Black Just had Southside on lock and completely unified, everybody respected the Supreme Team. But when Supreme came home from jail he was getting heavily involved with #IrvGotti and #MurderInc and took sides in 50 Cent and Murder Inc’s beef despite Supreme’s closest lieutenants telling Supreme to not get involved. Bimmy goes on to explain that 50 Cent didn’t want to beef with Supreme. 50 wanted to fuck with Supreme because they were both from Southside. But Supreme chose the side of #JaRule and #MurderInc (likely because they were getting cake and were easy to extort). Bimmy has in the past spoke on 50 Cent and has referred to him as a “gangster” – here he refers to him as a “real nigga” In this interview which has now been removed from YouTube, Bimmy also goes on to explain how he understands why 50 has handled everything the way he has, and 50 will always have Bimmy’s respect. Who wants more of this interview? Shout out to @queenzflip and #FlipDaScriptPodcast – we’re going to need you to upload the full video again because us uploading it in 60 second snippets ain’t gonna give this interview the justice it really needs 👇🏾 #blklstd

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