Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz has a solution. The hip-hop veteran has come forward to dish on what it will take for the nationwide protests in support of ending police brutality and getting justice for George Floyd to come to a stop.

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“Okay, okay. Quick question. As I look on the news, and they show every single city that’s protesting, looting, whatever. It looks like all the 12’s got the PPE [protective personal equipment]. They need it. They ain’t have none for no frontline, nobody at the hospital, they need the masks, they need all kinds of donations. These police just got a new shipment of shields, you can use them little helmets. They use them in the hospital. As far as when this sh*t gonna stop, it ain’t never gonna stop until y’all arrest three f*cking cops. Just arrest three cops and charge that other cop with first degree. That’s all you got to do.” -2 Chainz’s Instagram