The days of Beats By Dre having a chokehold on the headphones industry are long gone. Just like you have a Beamer, Benz or Bentley to choose from when it comes to high-end luxury vehicles, the audio giants are coming out in full force with companies like Even Headphones. If you’re amped about new music from Eminem’s Revival to Travis Scott and Quavo’s Huncho Jack albums, then look no further than Even’s H2 Custom EQ Wireless Headphones to make life even ‘that’ much more worth living. Peep our top five reasons these are a must-own.

1. The Most Luxurious Headphones You’ll Ever Open

The first reason you should get your hands onto a pair of Even’s H2 Custom EQ Wireless Headphones is because these are going to become the most stylish, luxurious and simply said, freaking amazing headphones you’ll have the opportunity of experiencing. After receiving our review unit, just unboxing them was as exciting as when they arrived at our office. The packaging is vivid, the box even has a glossy but smooth texture and upon opening lifting it up, you’re treated to a work of art in an amazing compact carrying case which just screams ‘wealth af’-looking. The experience of opening the box – yes – is worth the price in gold. You just know you’re opening a tech powerhouse. [Wanna buy yours now? Need more info? Click here!]

2. The Compactness

The second reason these headphones will blow your mind away is how well-built, sturdy and surprisingly compact they are. It’s rare to find a headset with steel/metal, bamboo/wood and soft cushioning all together but it’s all put together courtesy of the geniuses over at Even. It’s hard to not fall in love with just how compact and easy to carry these headphones are. And trust, it’s way more than that because we’ve all owned a pair of headphones – and most likely paid too much for them – which could get tucked away but either didn’t live up to the hype or just performed as ehhhhhh headphones at best. That’s not the case with Even’s headset. These headphones are made with amazing material, and fold as if they were part of the Transformers universe. [Wanna buy yours now? Need more info? Click here!]

3. The Mobile App

The third biggest thing we loved about these headphones is just how much time and effort goes into making sure you receive the best possible experience – ever. It really starts with the Even EarPrint which goes miles into customizing what you’re listening to. The onboarding hearing test makes sure the sounds coming through the headset go with “your unique hearing profile.” In other words, you’re going to enjoy a music experience unlike any other you’ve had through proper testing to your likes and comforts. This all goes to the mobile app which busts open the Even EarPrint to allow you to manage multiple ones and really see how music is played to you. It’s an experience within itself. [Wanna buy yours now? Need more info? Click here!]

4. The Battery Life

Enough cannot be said about the importance of battery life which makes the fourth reason all about juicing. Too many times you’ve had to compromise with getting either a discounted headset which comes with wires, leaving you always connected but with an inconvenience of getting tangled or limiting how far you could keep your smartphone or spending a grip on Bluetooth headphones which somehow don’t live up to the battery life span promise. Fear not as Even’s H2 headphones give you the luxury of having space from your phone or tablet with its Bluetooth powers and also provide you with easily over 20 hours of battery life courtesy of the Lithium ion battery. In other words, you can literally go around 24 hours of continuous music playing before needing a full recharge. [Wanna buy yours now? Need more info? Click here!]

5. Your Lifestyle

The fifth reason is pretty personal and it should be – these are lifestyle changers. It’s 2018 and if you’re like the average person, you’ve made a handful of New Year’s Resolutions. It could be from eating better to working out to just looking better with your wardrobe. These headphones instantly enhance your look. Even from afar you can tell these headphones are not your average plug and play headset. There is a level of boss status with these and it’s really from the moment you open the box. These come with a $229 price tag but you see the value in every dollar spent once you really experiment and apply these headphones to your daily grinds. Go into a life of luxury with the simple and necessary gadgets you use on a daily basis. [Wanna buy yours now? Need more info? Click here!]