Maybach Music Group member Wale has a bone to pick with a certain senator trying to have the rapper’s hometown Washington Redskins undergo a name change. #HometownHero

Wale unleashed his issues with Senator Harry Reid onto Twitter Friday (May 23).

“Anybody been followin the Senator Reid Stuff???,” Wale tweeted May 23.

” don’t respect it . He pointin fingers but he super sketchy RT @JaCoreey: “@Wale: Anybody been followin the Senator Reid Stuff???”hell yeah”

“Senator Reid got a lot to say about other ppl bein racist . But I did a lil research . He sketchy RT @Shoegame_Wiz: @Wale nahh get us hip”

“Basically he tryna use racism to make a bigger name for his self . I’m. Not into politics like that but it’s a right an wrong thing” (Wale’s Twitter)

The Washington, DC native also managed to drag President Barack Obama‘s name into his rant.

“Same dude tht was talkin down on Obama bein a “light skinned” with “me negro dialect ” all the sudden is a crusader for what’s right in race”

“Senator Reid don’t know anything about Washington team and I doubt he cares he just using a sensitive time to garner attention . Easy call”

“That’s senator Reid RT @mr_stealyabitch: @Wale people use racism to make a name for themselves now a days” (Wale’s Twitter)

According to reports, Reid and other senators have publicly tried to get the NFL to change Wale’s hometown team name.

Yesterday, 50 Democratic senators wrote to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, urging the NFL to change the name of the Washington Redskins to something that isn’t a “racial slur.” Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who has been calling for a name change for quite some time, weighed in on the Dems’ campaign. (Twitchy)

A detailed description of Reid’s public name-change plea has also surfaced.

“Sure not going to do any harm,” Reid said when asked about the letter. “The NFL has a lot of problems with all the lawsuits being filed against them for their negligence, and it would seem to me that it would make a lot of sense that they should get rid of having a group of Americans as mascots. They’re not mascots – they’re human beings. I have 22 tribes in Nevada and they’re insulted by this cavalier attitude about what they’re being called.” (Washington Times)