Maybach Music Group’s Wale has shared a personal message with his fans. Ralph Folarin went to social media this week to reveal a heartfelt conversation he had with jailed labelmate Meek Mill.

Wale went to Instagram and dished out some details behind what he learned from talking to Meek Milly.

This week, New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft talked about meeting Meek during his stint behind bars.

“He’s an amazing young ma. I know how I’d feel if I were in the situation he is in. He’s very intelligent. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know him over the last two to three years, maybe even longer. Every time I see him, I just come away more impressed – it makes it clear to me we have to do something with criminal justice reform. This kind of case, to be in a situation like this, it’s really bad. It’s just wrong and we have to find a way to correct it and also help the community help themselves. This is just sad. This guy is a great guy and shouldn’t be here.” (CBS Philly)

Atlanta rapper 21 Savage recently shared his support for Meek Mill.

Recently, Philadelphia’s Judge Genece Brinkley filed docs explaining her reason for not letting Meek out of jail on bail.

First, she’s being a stickler on deadlines … saying Meek’s request needed to be filed a year after his original 2009 sentence became final. Of course, he didn’t file until 2018, but we’re confident Meek’s team would say they didn’t know about the police corruption scandal until this year. You’ll recall … Meek hung much of his bail request on the credibility of Officer Graham — the Philly cop at the center of the city’s sweeping police corruption case. Judge Brinkley says the Philly article exposing the scandal is based on old police documents that were readily available to Meek’s attorneys. (TMZ)