Indiana spitter Freddie Gibbs may have ruffled some feathers by labeling fellow burgeoning rappers Wale and Big Sean as “weirdos”, claiming their style of music can’t be categorized.

Asked about a comparison of Wale and Big Sean, Gibbs shared his view on both emcees.

“What kind of guy is that? See, you can’t even f*cking pinpoint it. You can’t even put these n*ggas in a box and label it. All of these n*ggas. Big Sean, Wale. You just said ‘Big Sean is like a Wale kind of guy.’ What is that? F*cking weirdos, right?” (Complex)

Gibbs also described how he views West Coast rapper Lil B‘s music.

“That’s some buttf*ck rap. That’s a whole issue. I’m saying, you can’t even put these n*ggas [like Wale and Big Sean] in a category,” Gibbs added. “You don’t know what the f*ck they are. I’m a gangsta rapper. That sh*t is just like if you had a box in here of sh*t you didn’t want, it was just miscellaneous sh*t, that’s where you’d throw them n*ggas. It’s a box of lost and found sh*t.” (Complex)

Despite Gibbs’ opinion, Rick Ross recently spoke highly of Wale’s style.

“After spending months of my summer working with Kanye, I learned and seen so many different visions and ideas come to light. I was there for ‘Flashing Lights’, when it was actually titled another title that me and Kanye went back and forth about. And when I think about Wale, I think about Kanye. And the kind of rhymes Wale has been laying down the last few months, since we been in the studio, I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a lot of similarities as far as the pictures that he paints,” the Bawse continued. “Of course, Kanye is one of the greats of our time, but I see that same potential in Wale.” (MTV)

Although he called out Lil B at a Brooklyn concert last April, Gibbs later clarified his remarks.

“Let me set the record straight, period, — I don’t have no issue with any rappers,” Gibbs promised in an interview. “Because, at the end of the day, this is rap, you know? With me, as a fan, a critic, I got the right to say my opinion…I don’t got anything against what Lil B or anybody is doing. You a black man, and you out here generating capital, generating money for your family. I’m all for it. That you’re delivering a message that I don’t agree with, I’m definitely gonna say that…If I don’t say nothing — everybody gonna co-sign something they don’t agree with deep down…I’m not gonna beat him up when I see him.” (Billboard)

Check out a recent Freddie Gibbs interview below: