Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame is here for some serious female unity. The hip-hop artist has urged a few current and former femcees to put their differences aside and unite in the name of rap.

Flocka went to Instagram Thursday (August 23) to urge Nicki Minaj, Remy Ma, Cardi B and Lil’ Kim to come together for an epic collaboration.

For hiphop!!! Redo ladies night song…..

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Recently, Kim caught feelings after getting questioned about where things stand between herself and Nicki.

“Oh God. Let me ask you this. Do you f*ck with me for real? Okay, so if you f*ck with me, right? Why isn’t this about Kim? Yeah, see if we’re gonna mention one female we’re gonna mention them all. We need to mention them all. We need to bring everybody in and we need to give everybody love. God bless her. What she did she did. But you know what? I wish her the best. I’m past that and over that. At the end of the day, stop asking me about that chick – she did what she did – y’all don’t do that to her. I don’t think you would [ask her about me?]” (Real 92.3)

Earlier this year, Kim appeared to take a swipe at Nicki’s Queen title with a social media post.

Recently, rap star Cardi B revealed her intent to make music with Kim.