Rap veteran Waka Flocka Flame is here for equality by any means. In light of the recent events transpiring across America, including the hanging of two black men in California, he’s not messing around and ready to take lethal action.

Waka x Racists

The rapper went to his Instagram page Tuesday to reveal what he’s got planned for racists. Waka says he’s having none of it.

“🖕🏾 White supremacy and 🖕🏾 all racist!! And f**k all that politically correct s**t. Equality ✊🏾” -Waka Flocka Flame’s Instagram

“Eh man, look here, don’t try that sh*t. Y’all hanging n*ggas from trees and sh*t like that sh*t cool. I’m telling you, if I catch you bro, I’m going to put your f*cking brains on the floor. Make that sh*t cool, bruh. Make my little nephews feel uncomfortable, bruh because y’all little fat, out of shape racist a** n*ggas wanna play. I’m gonna gun y’all n*gga a**es down. Believe that.”

High-Key Details

Over the past few days, black men Robert L. Fuller and Malcolm Harsch were both recently reported as dying after being found hanging from trees in California.

Harsch and Fuller’s bodies were found within weeks of each other, in towns separated by about 50 miles. Harsch, 38, was found hanged from a tree on May 31st in Victorville, California, while Fuller, 24, was found June 10th in Palmdale, California. Local officials in both towns initially said there was no indication of foul play in both cases, but the families of both men, as well as protesters, have demanded more thorough investigations, especially since the violent nature of their deaths recalls the long history of lynching black people in the United States. (Rolling Stone)

Wait, There’s More

Flocka is winning big at this stage in his life. The hip-hop heavyweight went online a few weeks ago to share some throwback footage from 2009 and reveal how much he’s bossed up over the past few years.

“2009 Way b4 my time shawty but watching the seeds We planted grow beyond my imagination mind blowing #TheyCantStapGodsPlanHad no chain or money just Glocks and muscle!! 11 yrs later I own real estate, stocks, and a tv show with seasons …. p.s bout to sign the biggest deal of my career. BRICK Squad Monopoly!!!!” -Waka Flocka Flame’s Instagram

Before You Go

The Atlanta rapper is showing big support for suicide prevention. The hip-hop star went online recently to speak on the importance of promoting mental health awareness and encouraging people to embrace life.