Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame is back on his grind. The hip-hop star has announced his return to hitmaking and revealed he never planned on dropping his long-delayed Flockaveli 2 album.

According to Waka, he’s ready to flood the next 11 months with new music.

“Alright man, I’m back,” Waka said in a clip. “2017, I’m dropping mad new sh*t. I took three and a half years off making music. I don’t know, I apologize for lying like Flockaveli 2 knowing d*mn well I’m not gonna put it out. I was waiting for the right situation. I was just chilling, spending money – everybody asks me why I do so many shows, just to travel, just to see the world. I’m already rich. I love partying. The money’s good still. I learned don’t talk so hard on the camera.”

Recently, the hip-hop stud asked fans who he should work with this year.


Back in November, Flocka announced his departure from Atlantic Records.



In late 2015, Waka said his issues with Atlantic Records had not yet been resolved.

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