Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame has stepped up to speak out on previously performing for the University of Oklahoma’s SAE chapter and how much love he endured.

Although disgusted after seeing the now-infamous racist chant footage this week, Waka said he was embraced during a performance for them last year.

“My initial reaction when I seen the video was, I was more hurt, more disgusted, because I knew those kids. I performed for those kids. They made me feel like a brother. Just to see what a person does behind closed doors is disgusting than hurt. I wasn’t angry. I was just disgusted. [Did I feel racism when I partied with them last year?] Not at all. I felt like I was part of the frat. I really felt like a frat boy when I was there, I really felt like I was down with the fraternity with SAE. I was SAE. You couldn’t tell me different.” (CNN)

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Waka spoke out via a statement to defend ditching an April 25 concert at the University of Oklahoma this week.

“…All races partying, having a good time and enjoying themselves peacefully. That’s what Waka Flocka is all about. For that reason, I must say I’m disgusted and disappointed in the actions of the SAE fraternity at the University of Oklahoma and I will be cancelling my scheduled performance for them next month.” (Statement)

Waka’s management team came forward to speak out on the nixed date.

“As we embark on the fiftieth anniversary of Selma, a landmark which embodies the very spirit of change and equality, the memory of Dr. King and the members of the civil rights movement who proudly served will not be forgotten nor forsaken. We too, shall be absent from the likes of those whom participate in such self-injustice. Let our decision weld a platform of conversation rather than raise the brows of anger among those who share our distaste and disgust from such a video. This was not a disciplinary action on the innocent students, nor among the guilty that share such wayward thoughts, but a collective reminder of the stain in which remains,” explains Brick Bronson, President, 36BRICKHOUSE, Waka Flocka Flame’s Managment Firm. (Statement)

Waka also issued a statement via his Instagram page to fully dish out his issues Monday (March 9).

Following the anti-black chant footage emerging, the prestigious school cut its ties to the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity.

The University of Oklahoma severed ties to one of the nation’s largest college fraternities on Monday, and ordered the campus chapter to vacate its fraternity house, after videos surfaced that appeared to show fraternity members singing a racist song. At a predawn rally on the campus here, the university president, David L. Boren, said members of the fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, must remove their personal belongings from the chapter house by midnight Tuesday, after which the house would be closed. (New York Times)