Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame is raising the stakes. The hip-hop artist has promised to the highest power to put out new tunes before 2018 arrives.

A new clip has emerged of Waka vowing to unleash new audio gems for 2017.

“I promise to God I’m gonna put out so much new music this year. The people f*cking deserve it, man.”

Earlier this month, Flocka announced his return to music-making.

“Alright man, I’m back,” Waka said in a clip. “2017, I’m dropping mad new sh*t. I took three and a half years off making music. I don’t know, I apologize for lying like Flockaveli 2 knowing d*mn well I’m not gonna put it out. I was waiting for the right situation. I was just chilling, spending money – everybody asks me why I do so many shows, just to travel, just to see the world. I’m already rich. I love partying. The money’s good still. I learned don’t talk so hard on the camera.”

Recently, the hip-hop stud asked fans who he should work with this year.


Back in November, Flocka announced his departure from Atlantic Records.