Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame is owning up to new footage where he calls out television icon Oprah Winfrey‘s beauty by dishing out an apology.

With dated footage of Waka dissing Oprah now circulating online, Flocka admitted he has taken a new approach toward addressing women.

Rapper Waka Flocka Flame is publicly apologizing to Oprah Winfrey — saying he’s sorry for calling her an “ugly b*tch” and for saying he wouldn’t f**k her. Waka is referring to an old video that recently surfaced in which one of Waka’s friends quips that Oprah has a “million dollar p*ssy” — which Waka replied, “I won’t f**k that ugly b*tch!” Now, Waka tells TMZ he feels terrible about the situation — saying, “I feel obligated to take responsibility for my actions and publicly apologize to Oprah.” “My remarks about you were both extremely unnecessary and disrespectful. This regretful situation made me look at women and how I address them in a more responsible way.” Waka says his mother was “disgusted” when she saw the footage — and it made him realize how hurtful his words can be. For what it’s worth … he still didn’t say he’d bang Oprah. (TMZ)

In the recently leaked clip, Waka and some associates are shown talking about the entertainment mogul.

The 27-year-old Southern hip hop artist will cause outrage today after it’s exposed that he made the disgusting and cruel slurs in a shocking diss at Winfrey, 59. The sickening cell phone video was shot up to three years ago at a downtown Chicago hotel at McCormick Place, the hometown of the billionaire media icon. On the tape, the obscene rapper — along with members of his entourage – make a series of swipes at Winfrey. “She’s got a million dollar p*ssy,” one individual said in the 22-second clip. Waka — aka Juaquin Malphurs – then responded with the offensive low blow: “I won’t f**k that ugly b*tch!” But a pal of Waka’s appeared to feel differently, suggesting: “I’ll f**k the sh*t outta Oprah! I’ll get her pregnant!” (RadarOnline)

Waka’s comment reportedly came from a discussion on whether or not his crew would sleep with Winfrey.

“Waka and some of his crew members were having a random conversation about what celebrities they would like to have sex with and Oprah came up,” a source who was inside the room explained to Radar. “The whole conversation was inappropriate.” Waka did not return a request for comment. (RadarOnline)

Last year, G-Unit’s 50 Cent hinted at his initial problems with Winfrey.

50 was back to chat with the ladies of “The View” on Friday. The hip-hop tycoon, whose empire is reportedly worth over $200 million, sat down on the couch with Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Sherri Shepherd to discuss love, philanthropy, and his dog Oprah. A dapper Curtis provided the male perspective on love. “When a man says I love you the first time, he means this really feels good,” he said. “It’s such a big commitment. It does mean something.” He also explained why he named his dog after Oprah Winfrey. “It started out negative ’cause I thought Oprah didn’t like hip-hop culture,” said Fif. “I got the dog and now I love Oprah.” (Rap-Up)

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