Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame has social media buzzing. The hip-hop artist has sent a few shots at an unnamed target.

A new clip has gone viral of Waka calling out someone for not living what he’s preaching.

“Words of the f*cking day. Y’all n*ggas stop that philosophical sh*t. Start acting like you living like that god d*mn quote ’cause boy that ain’t you. N*gga knew you all your life and be like, ‘D*mn. Bro talk like that? That n*gga sound like Givenchy or somebody. I mean Da Vinci.’ Y’all n*ggas out here sounding like Machiavelli or something. Nostradamus a** n*gga. All that philosophical bullsh*t. N*gga out here doing all f*ck sh*t to the black community, posting Black Lives Matter. Cut it out – that philosophical sh*t gotta stop bro, cut it out. Please.”

😂😂😂 please cut the cap!!!

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From the desk of #WakaFlocka

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Outside of sending shade, Waka’s day one bae Tammy Rivera trolled him this past weekend on Instagram.

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Back in January, Waka showed off Tammy’s vocal skills across social media.

Truly blessed 🙏 @charliesangelll Your voice amazing baby‼️ @iamricolove #TheFlockas

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Days prior, the inseparable couple celebrated a milestone in their marriage.

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