Southern rapper Waka Flocka Flame has revealed his Top 5 all-time favorite rappers ranging from the late Tupac Shakur and Eazy-E to Nas and Jay-Z.

Waka’s initial Top 3 included West Coast legends Pac and Eazy.

“As I feel, in this current state of mind, I would say Tupac. Why Tupac; because, I can relate to all of Tupac’s music… After, ‘Pac, it’s my boy, Eazy-E. I would say Eazy-E; because, he’s just gangsta! He just had that, ‘I don’t give a f**k attitude, ‘I’m Eazy. You gotta love me for me, or else you can throw it out the window.’ … I would say Nas. Nas’ lyrics will educate you. You’ll listen to Nas and be like, ‘Godd*mn, that was some clever a** s***.’ It will make you think and question life. If you haven’t been educated, he will educate you on his theories. He is a positive person; so, I respect Nas.” (All Hip Hop)

Aside from Jay-Z, Waka also included himself in his Top 5 list.

“I would probably say–[pause] I don’t know. I don’t know. D*mn, that’s hard. For number four, I’ll say Waka Flocka. I love Waka Flocka, that’s my favorite rapper! My fifth rapper, I would say, Jay-Z, because of his legacy, his swag, his position as a businessman. He wasn’t afraid to change. He’s just Jay-Z.” (All Hip Hop)

Last fall, Waka named Tupac’s “Keep Ya Head Up” as his favorite motivational song.

“Man, I heard this [Pac record] right here and on some real G sh*t though, on some real n*gga sh*t though, real talk, when this song came on, we ain’t have it all, we were struggling,” Flocka said about being a child motivated by the late rapper. “I would rock my cousin’s shoes, or the shoes he didn’t want. Wearing my uncle’s big a** shoes that were like three sizes bigger. Gotta go to church every Sunday. Going and getting three loafs of bread every Sunday or Saturday morning by the Chinese store — my grandma used to send like four grand kids to go do it. We all had Wonder Bread — real talk though, the number one song is Tupac, ‘Keep Ya Head Up.’ If you’re struggling and you feel down, depressed, your chin’s down. Lift it up man, throw on that ‘Keep Ya Head Up’ [and] I’ll bet you’ll have some sh*t to think about then.” (Hip Hop Nation)

Recently, Flocka’s mother talked about her son’s admiration for Pac and his decision to name his debut Flockaveli after the rapper’s moniker, Makaveli.

“People took [his album title] like he’s comparing hisself to Tupac. Never that. He know he’s not Tupac. You have people that want to be other people, like it’s not that. When people are so limited, they stay stuck. l just told him yesterday. “Why you staying stuck?” He did grow up around guns and drugs but he’s still a fun person. You have to learn how to channel all of that energy into having fun. It doesn’t have to be about shooting and killing. In the hood these are things that you do experience, but he wasn’t raised in the projects or some real hard places. He chose to hang out in stuff like that. Those are the places that he wanted to be at. That’s where he felt comfortable, where he belonged.” (VIBE)

Check out Waka Flocka Flame speaking on Tupac Shakur below: