Southern rapper Waka Flocka Flame has taken his issues with online media to a viral plateau by publicly calling out the critics and websites aiming for his neck.

Speaking via audio clip, Flocka sent a direct shot at his haters.

“Good day America, hello world,” Flocka said. “It’s Flocka, we back, man. They say I’m the outcast of hip-hop, the stepchild of rap. I’m just saying f*ck critics, f*ck blogs. I’m going in. Salute Me Or Shoot Me, Volume 3.” (Rumor Fix)

Flocka also addressed critics taking aim at his weight as of late.

“Yea, we eatin’, this is gut money [right] here ya’ll, we’re all making money, guess those skinny guys must not be makin any bread.” (Rumor Fix)

This week, blogs such as Media Take Out analyzed Waka Flocka’s physical frame during a recent concert.

WTF???? LOOK HOW BIG AND BLOATED RAPPER WACKA FLOCKA IS NOW . . . HE’S ALMOST RICK ROSS SIZE!!! Wacka Flocka doesn’t just go HARD I THE PAINT . . . dude goes HARD at the dinner table too (Media Take Out)

Outside of his beauty, Flocka recently reflected on making headlines over the past few years due to his legal woes.

“I don’t think [rap artists are] being targeted. I think God do a lot of stuff to let you know. … It always stop you in your tracks. That’s just situations God put you through so you be a stronger man, ’cause it didn’t kill us, it just made us stronger. It’s just to let you know like, ‘Boy, you doing good, why would you go over here and … ,’ you know what I’m saying?” (RapFix)

Check out Waka Flocka Flame’s message below: