Southern rapper Waka Flocka Flame has revealed his true motivation for getting involved in a new nude “Ink Not Mink” PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) campaign.

According to Waka, love and admiration for his own dog inspired the animal rights move.

“I don’t want anybody to beat my dog, scare my dog or whip my dog,” he tells RumorFix exclusively, adding that he thought PETA was the perfect group to work with after spending sometime researching them. Our staff was the only media outlet allowed to shoot behind-the-scenes video of Waka’s photo shoot. The rapper, known for the hit song “No Hands,” stripped down naked for the PETA cameras, but our cameras were only allowed to capture the G-rated version of the shoot. Waka was wearing little more than his famous “Waka” gold necklace and other chains that were the target of a botched armed robbery attempt on February 16 in Charlotte, North Carolina. When asked what he thought about people wearing fur, he joked, “It’s nasty. We don’t do that! Ink not mink!” (RumorFix)

A few weeks ago, PETA spokesperson Megan Rondeau spoke to SOHH about celebrities going nude for animals.

“Celebrities and athletes don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan,” PETA spokesperson Megan Rondeau told SOHH when asked if Flocka had to give up eating meat to participate in their campaigns. “That’s not a problem at all. I think that people often find there might be one cause that they’re very compassionate about and we love to work with them on it. [Our naked celebrity PETA campaigns] kind of goes both ways. Sometimes an artist will say, ‘I want to do a naked ad.’ I’m not sure if in this specific case whether Waka said that, but a lot of times, yes, artists and athletes will say they want to do it naked and they’re so all about it because it gets so much press — I think people get really excited about it and want to get the message out which is not to support the fur industry. So I think we try to really work with the celebrity and we would never try to push somebody to get naked if that was something they didn’t feel comfortable doing.” (SOHH)

Earlier this month, Waka revealed his affiliation with PETA.

Launching on February 22, Waka will be joining PETA’s “Ink Not Mink” campaign in Los Angeles, CA alongside Lady Gaga, Pink, and Mariah Carey, Flame’s publicist, Kali Bowyer said. When commenting on his involvement with PETA, the 1017 Brick Squad rep told XXL, “Animals should be treated the same as you would a kid. Would you want someone just to walk up and skin your kid? H*ll no!” (XXL Mag)

Last September, rap star 50 Cent upset PETA after posting controversial animal photos to his Twitter page.

“Oprah is a miniature schnauzer. She was born in a litter of 8 puppies. Just my luck I picked the only a**hole”

“Now this is how you shut a b*tch up”

“yeah I thought u’d change your mind b*tch!”

“Now this is to the Peta people: Stay off my motherf*cking twitter page I don’t give a f*ck! Lol” (50 Cent’s Twitter)

Check out Waka Flocka Flame’s interview below: