Hollywood actress Halle Berry has finally caved in and joined photo-sharing social media platform Instagram this week.

Berry announced her arrival on Instagram Tuesday (March 29) afternoon.

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Recently, G-Unit boss 50 Cent defended no longer running his Instagram page.

“Nah, I’m not even posting right now. That’s the other [guys], stuff in the office. They’re running that. [The memes?] They’re in the office and they’re real computer guys. They sit there and they’re just on the computer all day and then they’ll move things they feel like, ‘That’s 50. Show him this.’ I’ll get a text and [the meme] will come through to me. I’m not looking for this stuff – and it will be like, ‘Yo look at this.’ When I was posting it myself, you would look at my text messages and see that I got it texted to me, not that I saw someone else post it and then I put that up like, ‘That was cool.’ But they’ll still send me stuff, anytime they find something they feel is me-like. Even when we start going back and forth, the artists and stuff with Meek [Mill], they went found him talking about Ja [Rule] like when he said, ‘When it was Ja and 50, I was on 50’s side.’ Yeah, it’s cool.” (Power 98)


Recently, 50 announced he had joined social media platform Snapchat.

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Earlier this month, rap star Kanye West revealed an interest to start up an Instagram account.

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