R&B singer Chris Brown‘s affiliate Wackstar has stepped up to provide some clarity in an overnight feud between himself and West Coast rapper Game.

According to Wackstar, Game’s real issue comes from his relationship with Chris Breezy.

Game threatened violence if he ever runs into Wackstar, saying, “When I see you I’m gone break yo f***** jaw. So have yo gun on you pu**y.” Wackstar’s trying to dial it back, telling us, “I don’t want violence with Game cause I have love for him,” adding, “He’s been mad at me ever since I gave Chris Brown the Compton hood pass.” (TMZ)

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Earlier this week, Wackstar denied Game’s claim of having something to do with Brown’s July home invasion.

#WackStar says he had nothing to do with #ChrisBrown getting robbed

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Screenshots of Game’s dicey exchange bubbled online Labor Day (September 7).

These shots keep firing off 😩😩 #TheGame #WackStar #ClapBackSeason

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The robbery went down at Breezy’s Tarzana crib in California on July 15.

Brown’s aunt was home alone at the time, heard a commotion and went to the front door, police said. The perpetrators then proceeded to rob the home. LAPD Lt. Kirk Kelley later said it was not clear how the robbers got inside the home. Unconfirmed reports indicated his aunt was locked in a closet during the robbery. Police said no one was injured during the incident. (KTLA)