West Coast rap manager Wack 100 is ready for people to leave him alone about the recent All Eyez On Me release. The hip-hop executive has clapped back at Instagram users lighting him up over the 2Pac biopic.

Last night, Wack jumped on Instagram to simmer down the viral frustrations.

In June, director John Singleton dished out his personal All Eyez On Me issues.

“They just made a movie, they didn’t think of it as a cultural event. They didn’t think of it in terms of something that affected our generation. People who are younger, who don’t really understand the legacy of Tupac Amaru Shakur, they just go to a movie and they see a rap star. But dude was much more than a rap star. So that’s why I’m really upset. And then these cats get on the radio and start disparaging my name – 50 [Cent] came out and had my back. ‘I saw this, y’all need to apologize to John.'” (V-103)

Last week, G-Unit boss 50 Cent ripped All Eyez On Me with some savage trolling.

Recently, New York rapper Troy Ave heavily co-signed the new biopic.