West Coast manager Wack 100 has nothing but respect for his protégé Blueface. The hip-hop executive went online this week to show love to Blue after putting his daddy duties to the test.

Wack Keeps It 100 On Blueface

100 went to his Instagram page last night to give a major salute to Face. Wack credited Blue for going all-out with his parenting goals by dressing up as Spider-Man for his son’s birthday.

#1 reason why I respect this man .. #DaddyGang@bluefacebleedem#Scoop” -Wack 100’s Instagram

Daddy Duties

This week, footage surfaced of Blue doing the most for his mini-me. A now-viral clip shows him dressed up as Spider-Man and running around for his son.

“Blueface dresses up as Spider-Man for his son’s birthday 🕷 .” -SOHH’s Instagram

Wait, There’s More

Last week, Wack gave fans a look at his workout goals. 100 released a couple clips of himself and son working up a sweat at their house.

“Like Father Like Son Use to buff with the homies on the yard now I can do it with my son #DaddyGang I’m building it so he can Run it —- #quarantine” -Wack 100’s Instagram

“#DaddyGang All spare time is wasted time. Use it up wisely”

Before You Go

Recently, 100 revealed how he celebrated his birthday in quarantine. According to his Instagram page, Wack chowed down on an In N Out burger meal as a result of the coronavirus restrictions.

“This what I had for a birthday dinner ……. Ain’t nothing happy bout it ….. But I have life and options so it’ll get better —- #Piru” -Wack 100’s Instagram