West Coast rapper Game’s manager Wack 100 is clearing the air. The music executive has denied having any involvement in a private conversation between his client and rap veteran Beanie Sigel going viral.

Wack went to Instagram this week and denied his camp had anything to do with the secret recording.


A few days ago, Game and Sigel’s secret chat spilled onto the Internet.


Recently, rap veteran Joe Budden weighed-in on the Meek Mill and Sigel feud.

“This was my problem with the two Beans diss records. I listened to them both. Beans is still a phenomenal emcee. Still to this day. The voice alteration does affect a lot. [His lyrics] are [there] and the flow is there, everything is there still except for his voice. And I would like him to get a mix down on both of those diss records because those beats that he picked brought me back to Roc-A-Fella last decade. Especially the second one. It even made us accept his voice on the second one, or at least me anyway, for myself.”


Earlier this month, Meek’s protégé Omelly publicly ripped Beanie Sigel over ghostwriting accusations.