Coming off the release of his latest album, 1 Time 4 Da West $ide, Chicago emcee Vonte drops his latest video, “Ghetto Black Boy.” The song samples Donny Hathaway with production by Chris P, while the video was shot in Compton and directed by Ian Rennels.

Says Vonte of the song: “Being a Ghetto Black Boy from Chicago and growing up on Compton music I decided to shoot the video in a town that I grew up listening about as a child. ‘Ghetto Black Boy’ is what I embody. Uniting our brothers and sisters to come together and be there for each other like back in the Civil Rights days. Back then, us black folks all looked out for each other.

The gangs were originally established to protect the communities from the crooked police of AmeriKKKa. I would love to help be the spearhead of uniting and bringing us together to be able to protect our own. Black people have been taught to ‘hate ourselves and love they wealth.’ I want to spread positive energy, motivate and encourage us to first love ourselves but also love our brothers and sisters.”

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