Ving Rhames explains to SOHH, he was so drawn to the music of up and coming rappers Gille Da Kid and Nipsey Hustle that he decided to cast them in his new film, Wrath of Cain.

Wrath of Cain is produced by Ving Rhames as well as Evan Louis and Eugene “Big U” Henley.

“My character is a gang member but who is now in prison,” Rhames told SOHH. “My character has two sons. One is a Crip and he knows that’s his son. He’s played by Nipsey Hustle. And one is a Blood that he didn’t know was his son. He came almost from a little fling and he finds out 25 years later that he has another son and that’s played by Gille Da Kid. My two sons are warring in the streets. They’re the head of their respective gangs in the streets.  [Then] they both come to prison.” (SOHH)

Rhames says he discovered Nipsey and Gille through their music.

“My step daughter filled up my iPod with a bunch of music. One day I’m in the gym and I’m listening and it’s Nipsey Hustle. I never saw this kid before, never heard him before but he was speaking so much truth and even though I’m two decades older than him his truth was resonate even from my era. I met Nipsey and literally cast him in the film.” (SOHH)

“I was in Boston doing a film with Bruce Willis [and] I picked up a DVD of The Ghetto Report in there was Gille Da Kid. Gille was so real and honest. I got in touch with one of my boys who got Gille’s phone number for me. I really met them through the spirit of their music. That’s what bonded us.” (SOHH)

Though, Wrath of Cain, is just starting production, movie-goers will see Rhames in theaters this summer in the Will Ferrell produced film The Goods.

Paramount Vantage has given a greenlight to “The Goods: The Don Ready Story,” a high concept comedy set to star Emmy winner Jeremy Piven. [The film] focuses on a legendary used car liquidator recruited to save one struggling dealership over a Fourth of July weekend. (Zap2It)