Want to watch some new TV? Tired of what’s out there right now? Need a few laughs?

I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor when it comes to television and movies. This one kind of tests those waters. “Bartlett” is a new series produced and created for Vimeo, and for what it’s worth…it’s actually pretty good. So, if you have a Vimeo account here are 5 reasons you should give this indie comedy a chance.

Reason 1: Portlandia Fans Welcome

I am a casual fan of Portlandia, but after viewing this show it has all the fixing of Portlandia. It’s subtle humor and REALLY dry. But when the humor hits, it’s pretty damn funny. If you don’t know what I am talking about, this show may not be for you. So, if you choose to check it out just know you have to have a certain sense of humor to appreciate it.

Reason 2: Lin Manuel Miranda

The Hamilton star makes a guest appearance you won’t soon forget. If I had not seen him kill it on Curb Your Enthusiasm I might not have taken his role seriously in this show. But, when you check it out folks, just remember, chickens are no doubt, hilarious. He brings some star power in name alone, but his small role does make a difference and it is a lasting impression for the Tony award winner.

Reason 3: Corny Music Videos

So, Roger wants to make music instead of being at a job he hates. Each episode showcases his thought process for that episode in a wickedly corny and funny music video. Some are ridiculous, but some actually are really funny. Like I said earlier, you have to have the sense of humor to really get the grasp of this show. Not all the jokes are meant to hit, and that’s the brilliance behind it. These music videos fall into that category.

Reason 4: Creative

This series is told in almost a Pulp Fiction-esque way. It’s told out of order to set up for the big pitch Roger is trying to make to save his job. You go from 10 mins to pitch to two years before the pitch to get the grasp of how and why the characters interact with each other the way they do. To truly understand the full picture it takes you all around the lives of the characters and how each of them contribute to the big pitch in the finale.

Reason 5: Sanjay Kahn

This dude is hands down the strongest comedic performance in the show. His dialogue and interactions with the other characters throughout the show is hilarious. Whether he’s trying to talk his girlfriend in to taking care of his ‘morning wood,’ or if he is belittling his Swinging D*cks (yes that’s the name of the team) creative pitch team, he’s great. He will make you laugh out loud for sure. Overall, Bartlett was interesting to say the least. Not something I would’ve necessarily sought out, but after I was done watching it, I was happy I did. It was really good. If you have a different sense of humor this is for you for sure. Any fans of Portlandia, you will LOVE this show. I enjoy different types of comedy, hopefully if you have a Vimeo account this one catches your eye as well.