R&B singer Usher looks like he’s ending 2016 with a bang. Literally. The crooner went to social media New Year’s Eve with a nude picture of his wife.

Ush tossed up a now-deleted Instagram pic Saturday (December 31) of his naked soulmate Grace Miguel.



Back in April, the R&B veteran tossed up a semi-nude selfie on social media.

Ursh snapped the pic Thursday and captioned it “blowin off steam” with an emoji covering his junk. Upon closer look it was hard to ignore that the emoji failed to cover all of his man parts and the tip of his dong was left sticking out. We had to retouch it a bit since it’s technically a d*** pic, but you can use your imagination and probably Google and find the real thing. (TMZ)

Back in September 2015, Usher secretly married his manager Grace Miguel.

According to one source, the duo planned on marrying before 100 guests in Atlanta but decided to elope instead. Following their secret nuptials, the newlyweds celebrated their honeymoon in Havana, Cuba. In one Instagram photo posted by Miguel, Usher’s new gold wedding band is on clear display. (Us Weekly)


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The now-married couple had reportedly dated for six years.

The lovebirds had reportedly been engaged since February, but plans for a larger wedding in Usher’s hometown of Atlanta apparently gave way to the decision to elope in relative secrecy. Miguel, eight years Usher’s senior, has worked as the artist’s manager for more than three years, though the two began dating in 2009. (TIME)

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