West Coast rapper YG looks like he’s ready to go back and forth with the self-proclaimed King of New York. The Compton rapper has fired off a huge warning to Tekashi 6ix9ine following some serious trolling.

YG went to his Instagram page Wednesday (August 8) with a response to Tek calling out his relevance.

A few hours ago, 6ix9ine completely went off on YG for name-dropping him in interviews.

“Yo, I don’t know how more disrespectful I can get. YG, suck my f**king d*ck, stupid. Your last single before your album came out had four major artists on it. You had 2 Chainz. You had Big Sean and you had Nicki Minaj. Yo bool, you’re supposed to blow me out of the water. How my record doing better than your sh*t? You a whole bum out here. Stop going to radio stations trying to promote your album mentioning my name. That sh*t is a f*cking dud. You a dummy. A big a** dummy. Yo bro, I see right through you my n*gga. N*ggas is tired of disrespecting y’all old a** n*ggas. Do something about it.”

YG went to his Instagram Story Wednesday (August 8) and appeared to dismiss any interest in escalating things.

This week, YG sparked social media’s attention after downplaying any smoke from Tek based on his age.

“I ain’t tripping off bruh. He a little kid. He told y’all he was a little kid already. Eh listen bruh, he a little kid. That’s what he said.” (Real 92.3)