Texas rapper T-Wayne has issued a statement this week following a shocking rape allegation against him from a female fan.

According to reports, Wayne spoke out via his legal team and denied the serious accusation.

UPDATE: T-Wayne has issued a statement to BET.com. “We deny the allegation. It us [sic] unfounded, untrue and without merit!” — Greg Tsioros and Johnny Papantonakis, Attorneys for Tyshon Nobles. (BET)

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Details of a 22-year-old Dallas woman claiming she met him over Instagram and flew her out to Houston last summer where the attack occurred surfaced a few days ago.

The woman tells TMZ she and T went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory and when they returned to her hotel room she says he got aggressive, trying to guilt her into having sex. When she refused, she says he pinned her down and had sex with her. The woman filed a police report and cops opened a rape investigation. She waited 5 weeks to file the report … she says because she was in shock and it was hard to process. (TMZ)

Recently, T-Wayne spoke to SOHH about his close-knit connection to Texas rap star Chedda Da Connect.

“Me and Chedda Da Connect are like brothers. Chedda took me off the streets when I was like 15 or 16. I was a young age but I didn’t have anybody. It was just me and my little homeboy driving around in the car, trying to make it. Chedda had been watching me for a long time. One of my home boys that had been shot and killed and Chedda was like, “Man, you can’t be in the streets like that.” He had took me in because we had been sleeping in the car and he was like, “You should just come down to Houston and focus on music.” (SOHH)

Wayne also credited Chedda for helping mold his hip-hop career.

“So he took me in and really helped me with my whole music career. We’re like real-life brothers, not real, but just really close. It’s a blessing just to see him with “Flicka Da Wrist” because he deserves it and I deserve what I’m getting. It’s all we ever wanted, just to get somewhere in music. He works hard and pushes me. He could have put out music a long time ago but he’s been pushing me for years. I feel like he deserves to get where he’s at right now and I deserve to get where I’m at. Everyday is a blessing to see both of us successful right now.” (SOHH)