Music mogul Marion “Suge” Knight has reportedly turned himself in to law enforcement Friday (January 30) following widespread hit-and-run reports.

According to reports, Knight gave himself up early Friday.

Sgt. Diane Hecht of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s information office said Knight was arrested at about 3 a.m. and is being held on $2 million bail. Hecht says Knight is being held at the West Hollywood sheriff’s station. Knight turned himself in to authorities early Friday after his attorney said the rap mogul accidentally ran over and killed a friend and injured another man as he fled attackers. (Fox News)

Check out what Knight’s lawyer said right here…

Knight’s attorney James Blatt has already spoken out on the situation.

“We are confident that once the investigation is completed, he will be totally exonerated.” (Associated Press)

Footage of Suge turning himself over to police has also surfaced.

Buzz about Knight being on the run heated up the Internet yesterday (January 29).

9:30 PM PT — Cops found Suge’s truck abandoned in a parking lot in the Westwood section of L.A. It’s been impounded, but still no sign or word from Suge or his attorney. 8:15 PM PT — Cops just had a press conference … and believe two fights occurred. They said the first fight went down on the movie set — and then a second fight happened at a nearby burger joint … resulting in the fatality. Cops also said witnesses claim the car backed up and ran over the victim twice before fleeing the scene. (TMZ)

According to reports, the fatality stemmed from an initial argument.

Suge Knight got into a fight on the set of a film project in Compton, ran over a man who later died, and then fled the scene. Multiple witnesses tell us a movie shoot — involving Ice Cube and Dr. Dre — was going down when Suge pulled up in his car. We’re told security told Suge to leave and that’s when trouble began. A fight broke out between Suge and 2 men. Suge got back into his car, took the wheel and threw the vehicle in reverse … and ran over a man who suffered fatal injuries. (TMZ)