Maybach Music Group’s Rick Ross has come forward to clear the air on his publicized IRS woes. The self-proclaimed Bawse has explained where the drama stems from.

Yung Renzel issued a statement Tuesday (November 8) and said he has been actively handling the pricey situation.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to experience financial success on a large scale through both my music career and my many business ventures. With this type of financial success comes financial responsibility. As artists we are blessed to be able to make money, but on the same note, are held accountable for our federal tax obligations just like everyone else. I am fully aware of my current dealings with the IRS. This issue arose from an incorrect filing by a prior accountant for the 2012 tax year. My new team of accountants have corrected the prior filing, and as anyone who has dealt with the IRS understands, it is a process. We have already satisfied a large portion of these issues and I can assure you that we are working very closely with the IRS to bring a full resolution shortly and will continue moving forward in a positive direction!” (Statement)

Earlier in the day, Ross rival 50 Cent poked fun at the IRS situation.

#50Cent stepped into #TheShadeRoom being petty 😩

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Hours prior, buzz developed about Ross owing $5.7 million to the government.

The IRS went through 3 years of Ross’ taxes, and claims he owes about $5.7 mil of cold hard cash. The back taxes are from 2012 to 2014. According to the docs — obtained by TMZ — Ross owes a little more than $4.6 million in 2012 alone, and then about $570,000 a piece for ’13 and ’14, respectively. The feds have issued a tax lien, and if Rozay doesn’t pay up they could haul away his stuff to cover his nut. (TMZ)

The Bawse has kept busy as of late teasing fans about a potential Pizza Hut venture being in the works.