Atlanta rapper Offset can finally breathe a sigh of relief. The hip-hop star is officially out of police detainment following a Wednesday night incident in Los Angeles.

Big Facts: According to reports, Off left a local jail following his detainment and also addressed the situation on social media.

6:07 AM PT — 1/30 — Offset was all smiles on his way out of jail after being detained for several hours. He told our camera it was a simple misunderstanding and cops had the wrong guy. Of course, when he was first placed in handcuffs, Offset was pissed … but he says it’s all loves with the cops and the city of L.A. (TMZ)

High-Key Details: According to reports, the incident went down last night after cops received a call about someone around Offset having a gun at a Los Angeles shopping area.

Offset has been detained by cops after a report of a person with a gun at an L.A. shopping center. We’re told the person who had the weapon allegedly fled the scene, and Offset and members of his entourage have been detained. It is NOT clear if Offset or anyone he was with actually had a weapon, and police are currently investigating the situation. In video — obtained by TMZ — Offset can be seen in a yellow hoodie asking officers why he’s been cuffed … the officer pushes the Migos rapper up against a wall. (TMZ)

Wait, There’s More: Additional reports claim law enforcement discovered multiple guns at the scene.

9:39 PM PT — Law enforcement sources tell us they’ve recovered 2 guns and Offset and 3 others have been taken to the station for further questioning. No official arrests have been made. (TMZ)

Before You Go: Footage from the dicey incident has already made its rounds across the Internet.