Young Money’s Tyga can breathe a sigh of relief following an arrest going down yesterday (November 10) as new reports claim he has since been released.

The latest reports claim police jumped at Tyga for reckless driving.

One eyewitness says the traffic stop was for reckless driving … we’ve confirmed this with LAPD. It’s unclear why Tyga was put in cuffs, but we’re told he was eventually released but his bodyguard was arrested … we’re told for possession of a gun that was not registered in California. (TMZ)

Check out the footage right here…

Tyga and reality television star Kylie Jenner linked up and donned horror movie-themed Halloween costumes last month.

Tyga transformed into the horrifying and murderous doll Chucky, while Kylie opted to be his hot bride, Tiffany. Tyga looked like he came straight from our nightmares and Kylie was downright sexy on Halloween! For Halloween, Kylie was Tiffany, the bride of killer doll Chucky, who was first introduced in the 1998 film, Bride of Chucky. The 17-year-old wore a sultry white corset that emphasized her boobs, to say the least. (Hollywood Life)

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Tyga recently said despite the speculation, he viewed Kylie as a close friend.

“Kylie? Nah. See the thing about Kylie… I’ve known Kylie and the whole family for four years. I introduced Chyna to Kim [Kardashian] about a year ago. So everybody’s been cool, but like it’s just so hard, their world is different. If somebody wanna hang out, cool, I’m not opposed to hanging out with somebody. I hang out with her [Kylie], her sister [Kendall], I hang out with Scott [Disick] sometimes, I hang out with Khloe sometimes. But people wanna take the situation [with Kylie] to the next level.” (VIBE)