Grammy-winning rapper Kanye West apparently tried to pull a fast one on the blogosphere this week after reportedly tweeting, then deleting, a nude photo of a woman who appeared to be current girlfriend Kim Kardashian.

After the alleged deleted photo hype starting spreading, adult film star Amia Miley came forward and claimed she is the featured woman.

Still, RumorFix has learned that despite the uncanny resemblance, the girl in the picture is none other than porn star, Amia Miley. “Apparently a naked photo of me eating is going viral … as Kim Kardashian … I’m confused,” she tweeted. “I’m not going to argue about whether that pic is me or not. Want proof? Look at the back dimple piercings. Kim doesn’t have those,” she then tweeted out the same image Kanye had earlier posted and deleted. “Oh, and my right wrist piercing shows in the pic too … the end,” she adds, pointing out a huge piece of evidence. Kim kardashian does not have a wrist piercing as the woman in the image does, so we’re buying Amia’s story. Now, as far as when she was in Kanye’s hotel room, that’s a different story. (RumorFix)

According to reports, Ye took to his Twitter page last night and unleashed the NSFW photo.

Last night, Yeezy tweeted — and subsequently deleted — a picture of a naked brunette sitting in his Manchester, England hotel room and suggestively eating what appears to be a banana. The twittersphere all but collectively agreed that the bare back, side boob, and butt dimples belong to Kardashian. However, porn star Amia Miley suggests that she’s the nude woman in Kayne’s suite. (Miami New Times)

Despite the accusations, additional reports claim Mr. West never posted Miley’s shot.

We’ve done our due diligence, and here’s what we found. First, the woman in the pic appears to be porn star Amia Miley. Miley tweeted the same photo of herself on her twitter account in 2011, and she tells us it’s her. She also says she’s never hooked up with Kanye. Second, although the pic has been sent around with credit to Kanye, we’ve learned it was never posted on Kanye’s account. A source close to Kanye confirms … he didn’t do it. We’re told it’s all part of #WanksterWednesday — a prank day where people try to get bogus rumors started. (TMZ)

Recently, Kardashian reportedly proclaimed herself as Ye’s wifey.

Although they’ve been seen parading about town both in the United States and abroad, kissing in front of paparazzi and basically doing a whole bunch of “relationship-y” things, there has been thus far no official comment from Kanye West or Kim Kardashian about the type of relationship the two share. But Kim may have officially let the cat out of the bag via Twitter, earlier today. After retweeting Kanye West’s May 30th update alerting his followers that the “No Church In The Wild” video had been released, she posted another status update, and wrote, “#NoChurchInTheWild …. Proud girlfriend tweet” [ed note: emphasis ours]. So it seems to be official. Kim Kardashian is Kanye West’s girlfriend. There it is. (Complex)

Click here for the NSFW photo below:

Kim Kardashian Nude Eating Breakfast