Radio veteran Funkmaster Flex is not letting up on his issues with rap star Jay Z and appeared to single him out on social media this week.

Funk Flex posted up a picture of what looked like a text message from Young Hov on Instagram late Friday (January 16).

Check out what Dipset had to say about Jay Z right here…

Dipset rappers Cam’ron and Jim Jones allegedly dissed Jay on their new “Victory” freestyle..

In the wake of Funkmaster Flex‘s beef with Jay Z’s website Life+Times, Cam’ron and Jim Jones come to the Hot 97 DJ’s defense with a diss of their own. Over Puff Daddy‘s “Victory” beat, the Diplomat rappers throw shots at their Roc Nation rival. “Having money, that don’t make you a real one / You stepped on the court, you gon’ play my game / Just take shorty’s advice and say my name,” raps Killa Cam. (Rap-Up)

This week, Flex went off on Jay Z’s popular Life + Times lifestyle website.

“A couple years ago, dropped that DJ Funk Flex app. I get an email from a writer at Life + Times, the website. They want to talk to me about my digital involvement and write a story. First of all, I salute the young man who wrote the story. I appreciate the love, but bruh I’mma tell you something. I peeped back then when they was using a writer outside that did not work for the website. And that website is trash by the way. And I figured I’d say that trash so you take me serious on where I’m going. They do this interview after I drop my app. Asking me a lot of key questions about apps, building apps, how, why, how’d you launch it. But all of that didn’t get put in the story though. A lot of that information got put into that new Jay Z app.” (Hot 97)

Flex also went on to blast Life + Times for recently reaching out to him.

“I get an email today from the Life + Times website,” he said. “Your website is trash by the way. Doing no numbers, zero…We fast-forward to today. My assistant gets an email. ‘We would like to do a story about your involvement in the Dipset reunion’…You know my involvement…I don’t understand how somebody can ask me from that site about my involvement in the Dipset reunion. But when I used to go out to the 40/40 I was told not to play any Dipset records. I’m so confused.” (Hot 97)