UPDATE: 50 Cent Threatens Rick Ross After Son Mention: “See If Puffy Or Anybody Can Help You Now”

Written By Cyrus Langhorne

50 Cent
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G-Unit boss 50 Cent is done with his social media spat with rap star Rick Ross and has threatened to see him face-to-face.

50 took personal offense with Ricky Rozay referencing his son interning for him on social media Saturday (November 7) and promised to see him in-person.

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Ross sparked 50’s frustrations by referencing his son with an Instagram post.

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50 blasted Ricky Rozay on Instagram with references to his ex-fiancée Lira Mercer Saturday (November 7) morning.

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Yesterday, 50 sparked the social media clashing with a dicey post showing Ross’ upper body printed onto a t-shirt.

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Ricky Rozay almost immediately responded to 50’s jab by bringing up his publicized bankruptcy case.

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Written by Cyrus Langhorne

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  1. 50 could beat ross up in front of a camera crew piss on him and today’s fans would still find a way of spinning it so that 50 lost and ross won

    people hate 50 cent with a passion because he has done and said something which has upset them and made them catch feeling like a bitch

  2. Both of these niggas need to wake the fuck up. Can’t they see the beast is hellbent on destroying all of the hiphop moguls with the IRS? The IRS even uses the stingray device to listen to cell phone calls. Google that shit.
    Rap lyrics and culture=CASH, GOLD, big cars, big houses, and masculinity, and that’s why almost every big name rapper is running into problems with the beast. The beast has made it clear it is against all of that. I’m not even sure that its unrelated how any thot looking to sue big money niggas gets such high powered help and huge judgments.
    The only big rappers not experiencing these problems are sausage smokers or personal friends with the Obamas.
    50, Rick, y’all are two big money heterosexual niggas preaching the glory financial independence, and for that reason you are TARGETS!
    These tax problems ain’t coming from nowhere. While y’all beef, the beast is listening to your phone calls looking to jam you, Weezy, Birdman, C Breezy and all the rest up and destroy you for getting paid in cash for an appearance.
    Wake the fuck up, brothas. The beast is looking to destroy you and everything we believe in.

  3. The last time someone brought 50’s son into it .. 50 wrote “this wasn’t a good idea” and then had slowbucks beat down, robbed, and publicly humiliated in front of 50,000 people on the Summer Jam stage. People sleep on 50

    • Rap been boring beef wise for years, still boring now. Streets niggaz or real niggaz, whatever you want to call them, ain’t about that life.
      If 50 wanted to handle Ross he would just do it. Why bring all this attention to the issue by putting it online.

  4. Now THAT I want to see, doubt it will happen…im saying if that was going to happen it would have already.

  5. “These niggaz don’t want beef they vegetarians, scared of pussy they crawled out the ceserian.”


    If they wanted to handle this, they wouldn’t of put it online.

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