The new Diddy ads for his Unforgivable perfume is hot. It’s clean. It’s sexy. It’s almost artistic. It’s something that models can be proud of.

Now, I can already see you BLACK WOMEN complaining about he doesn’t have you in the ads. Even as you read this, you’re probably doing that thing ya’ll do with ya’ll neck when you’re riled up. Don’t go there.

Diddy has been supporting his BLACK WOMEN from day one. When he needs some tailfeathers to shake in a video, who does he call? BLACK WOMEN (read: LIGHT-SKINNED BLACK WOMEN). When he’s paying that child support, who does he send that check to? A BLACK WOMAN. Kim Porter is getting enough money a month to get her hair did every half-hour. So don’t act like he’s not down for his BLACK WOMAN.

The bottom line is that unless you’re a white man (Shout out to Bill Maher), a BLACK WOMAN is not a symbol of success. Play the background and let Diddy do his thing.

Oh yea, Unforgivable IN STORES NOW. You BLACK WOMEN know you’re going to buy it for your man to smell good for you. Take that – take that – take that.