New York rapper Uncle Murda is gassing fans up for his annual “Rap Up” release. The hip-hop veteran has hit up social media to tease everyone about his latest yearly wrap up anthem.

Murda went to Instagram Sunday (December 31) to hype up the single’s drop.

A few weeks ago, Uncle M hinted at a few topics fans could expect to hear on “Rap Up 2017.”

“There’s a lot that happened this year. I might have to start off with Meek and Nicki because they was hot topics as far as they both had a lot going on as far as them separating as well. It’s been a busy year for both of them. It’s just been busy for them. We’re going to start off with them. Ebro’s man JAY-Z had a busy year too. So I’m going to throw him in there too. Everybody’s in there. It’s going to be fun. I actually drop it on New Years. The day. [Harvey Weinstein?] Pedophile. I’m on him. He’s all types of bad. Rapist. He’s just all types of bad. He’s all bad. Of course [Trump], I got him last year but Trump gets it too. He’s just extra disrespectful.” (Hot 97)

Uncle M also addressed jacking fellow hip-hop veteran Skillz who launched his own “Wrap-Up” series in the early 2000’s.

“I don’t,” Murda said when asked if he has issues with Skillz. “And Clark Kent tried to hook us up, he told me that was a good friend of his. He said, ‘Yo, I reached out to him. I told him you’re like the rated-R version and he’s the PG version but y’all can make it work together.’ He never hit me back on it. I called Clark after his version came out and he said, ‘The guy didn’t get it. He threw your name in it so I’m staying out of it,’ because he dissed me on one of the raps. As he should, I get it. I pulled the M.O.P. on him, straight D-Bo’d his thing he had. … I took it, of course, I get it.” (Hot 97)

Over the year, Murda has hinted at various topics possibly popping into “2017 Rap Up.”

This nigga Young Joc out here looking for Bobby V smh lol #2017RapUp

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I got some bars lol

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