G-Unit‘s Uncle Murda has bars on top of bars. The hip-hop veteran has teased fans with some direct shots fired at both R&B crooners Bobby V and Usher.

Murda went to social media this week to take a couple ample swings at the two singers.

I got some bars lol

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Last month, New York radio personality Funk Flex addressed the Bobby V/transgender escort drama.

A day prior, Bobby came out of the shadows to address critics and the media alike.

#PressPlay: #BobbyV done seen the memes and he's tired of y'all tryin him 😩

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Recently, Southern rapper Lil Scrappy distanced himself from the Bobby V transgender situation.

“I don’t know cuz situation, what he like, what he don’t like. I ain’t never did all that, I just did music with homie and I ain’t trying to talk down on the man, trying to put myself up on a pedestal or nothing like that. As y’all know, that’s just not what I do. I been in a room with some b*tches and I know when b*tches are b*tches. I ain’t no sucka. I ain’t no sucka n*gga at all. I don’t do that sh*t. Them real b*tches, they might have just been ugly b*tches but them was some real b*tches. They were b*tches. And n*ggas will come up with anything and put me in it. Don’t put me in that sh*t. I ain’t got nothing to do with that sh*t. You ain’t never heard no sh*t like that with me. I don’t be with that sh*t. I be with real sh*t. I love p*ssy so much, let me tell you. You feel me? I came out the p*ssy, I’m going back in the p*ssy.”