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Uncle Murda Finally Fires Back On Skillz, Drops Disrespectful Diss Song: “RIP To The Emotional F**k Boy Tell Them Why You Mad”

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Uncle Murda
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New York rapper Uncle Murda has finally caved in. After days of anticipation, everyone’s favorite Brooklyn hip-hop artist has pulled the trigger finger on Skillz with his “Why You Mad” diss song.

Murda went to Instagram Monday (January 8) to unleash his hard-hitting battle record.



Last week, Skillz came forward to defend blasting Uncle with his “Murda Gram” diss song.

“I don’t even rap no more, man. But, the level of disrespect, when he DM’d me, that was it. His DM happened like a week ago, no, like two weeks ago. He just DM’d me and he said you the PG version and I’m the R-rated version. Like, the screenshot of the song is the DM. He said that to me. And I just said back, ‘Who this?’ My thing is, it’s been plenty of cats that have tried to do the Rap-Ups but no one’s been this disrespectful. I’m like, bro, why you keep saying my name? Y’all have to understand the only people who hear an Uncle Murda ‘Rap Up’ is in New York or World Star. But it doesn’t get past Exit 7 on the Turnpike. There are still people asking me, ‘Who is Uncle Murda?’ I’m just like, bro, like, he funny, he’s a character but he ain’t built for bars. … There’s 30 rappers in Brooklyn more important than Uncle Murda. Ain’t no more saying my name on the records. Come on, fam.” (Hot 97)

A few days ago, Uncle Murda’s IG comments flooded with people telling him to clap back at Skillz.


Recently, Skillz raised eyebrows after unleashing his savage Uncle Murda diss song.


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Written by SOHH Squad

One Comment


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