Do you miss the NBA season already? Hyped about Kyrie Irving‘s upcoming Uncle Drew movie? Want to get your hands on some must-own souvenirs from the blockbuster-bound summer smash?

Today, check out the top five reasons you should buy the new Uncle Drew Movie Bobbleheads right now! [Check out each one and enter to win your own bobblehead!]

Reason 1: Collectible Must-Own

The first reason you should get your hands on the new Uncle Drew Movie Bobbleheads set is because these are every true basketball head and especially Kyrie Irving fan’s must-own collectibles. Whether you love college and NBA or just enjoy a great sports film, there’s no better way than taking your nerd and geek level than getting a hold of a bobblehead. Poster are cool but they rip. Wallpaper is nice but that’s temporary. Nothing is cooler than having a bobblehead next to you on your desk, on a bookshelf or even at the workplace. If you’re into collecting dope things, being able to choose from key on-screen characters like the legendary Uncle Drew is pure bliss. [CLICK HERE TO BUY YOUR OWN!]

[If you’re big into collecting, then look no further…]

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