G.O.O.D. Music newcomer Desiigner has social media hurling with footage of himself barfing during a live performance going viral.

According to reports, the stomach-aching incident went down this past weekend in New York City (April 16).

The 19-year-old Brooklyn rapper was performing at NYC venue the Emporium when he appeared to vomit while performing his breakthrough single ‘Panda’. He subsequently continued performing. Watch footage beneath. (NME)

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Recently, the New York native dished on putting together his “Panda” hit.

Desiigner was wrecking things in Grand Theft Auto V when he thought of the motif. “When I was making it I was thinking about The Fast and The Furious and about breaking cars and going crazy,” he says. “It’s a whole bunch of action. When I make songs I think about movies, like my own movies in my head.” Now he’s working frequently at Kanye’s studio. “I see him a lot right now, he’s my man and we doin’ a whole lot of things right now,” he says of West. “Kanye, that’s my man.” (Billboard)

Last month, Desiigner addressed comparisons to hip-hop star Future.

“It is what it is – people gonna try to compare me. It is what it is. I know I am Desiigner. I’m just letting people know. Ain’t no motherf*ckin’ disrespect to him. May that man be God-blessed, man, keep doing his thing hitting the motherf*ckin’ charts. Keep doing his thing, but I’m Desiigner.” (HHDX)

Footage of Future shooting off a subliminal presumably at the hip-hop newcomer had surfaced online a few weeks ago.