[With a highly-anticipated World Featherweight Championship face-off between Jose Aldo and contender Connor McGregor coming this July 11, SOHH invaded the UFC 189 World Championship Tour press conference in New York City last week and received the scoop on everything UFC-related!]

[Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor,] it’s going to be an awesome fight. Look at what these guys brought to the table.

This fight should be a power clash and I’m a laid back guy. Aldo is putting on a show and McGregor is going to put on a show for all these guys.

But come July 11th, “I’m” putting on a show. -Robbie Lawler

For the new UFC headquarters, we break ground in June. It’s going to be finished the following June. It’s in Las Vegas.

Once that new facility is built, everything will be under one roof. We can host the media there, it’s going to have an amazing media room.

We’ll be able to shoot “The Ultimate Fighter” onsite. There’s going to be a huge rehab facility onsite with the best rehabilitation therapists in the country.

Basically with all of the injuries we had last year – we’re going to make sure we’re doing our best.

That’s the next step for us in the evolution of the sport. –UFC president Dana White

I’m not going to talk. I’m focused on the fight. I’m just thinking about the cage. I’m going to go into the fight and win.

I’m just thinking about the fight and I’m going to go in and win.

I don’t really care how the fight goes, I’m going to go there and win. That’s it.

I go out there and I win the fight. -Jose Aldo

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-UFC President Dana White starts up the UFC 189 World Championship Tour press conference at New York’s Beacon Theater.

-Contender Rory MacDonald enters the press conference.

-Champion Robbie Lawler enters the press conference.

-Conor McGregor enters the press conference with the freshness.

-Champion Jose Aldo enters the press conference.

-The crowd’s response when Dana White was asked about the upcoming Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao fight.

-Conor McGregor isn’t impressed by Jose Aldo.

-Conor McGregor says Jose Aldo better be prepared to die.

-Conor McGregor talks New York City and Ireland.