Overnight UFC champion Conor McGregor celebrated his publicized victory over previously undefeated fighter Jose Aldo by hanging out with hip-hop producer Swizz Beatz last night (December 12).

McGregor hooked up with Beatz in Nevada following his explosive win.

There was a full-on rager at the SLS in Vegas, where Conor proudly displayed his belt. He told fans the 13 second victory was actually a lifetime of work, adding, “I am forever blown away by the support of my country. We have changed the game forever.” Conor celebrated in a Vegas casino with Swizz Beatz and UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta. (TMZ)

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Swizzy posted up a picture alongside McGregor last night (December 12).

Last week, UFC fighter Frankie Edgar spoke to SOHH and gave his prediction on the big fight.

“I don’t know how the fight’s going to go down. It’s tough to say. I’m leaning toward Jose Aldo. He’s been the champion for a long time and I think it’s going to be Conor [McGregor]’s toughest test to date. Connor has been looking good. It’s going to be a good fight but I just want to make sure people remember my name after this weekend.” (SOHH)