As a new picture of an abused Rihanna hit the net, The Roots’ Questlove and others have reacted to the alleged leaked image and many have chosen sides.

Questlove, a frequent user of Twitter, was in disbelief upon seeing the disturbing image of the pop singer.

“F*ck I just saw that photo (been working all day…I ain’t twitted hardly at all today) this was the Real non photoshopped deal,” Quest wrote unmodified. “Man, if Chris Brown really did that sh*t, I’m f*cking speechless. [Jay-Z] is right. I put my mom in that position and I do not feel compassion for him.” (Questlove’s Twitter)

Upon seeing the image, Amanda Diva has implied she will no longer be supporting Brown’s music.

“I’m listening to ‘Excuse Me Miss’ and ‘Forever’ for the last time,” Diva wrote unmodified. “Gotta retire the young wackness. (No really, I retired [R.Kelly] from my iTunes.)” (Amanda Diva’s Twitter)

The image has also struck a cord with hip-hop personality Miss Info who reacted strongly.

“Rihanna’s photo completely f*cked my head up,” she wrote. “Bad memories of a different lifetime…I’m torn [because] the lesson is so strong but somehow I don’t trust that everyone will even get the lesson. So…I dunno.” (Miss Info’s Twitter)

The Los Angeles Police Department have begun legal action towards finding out how the image leaked online.

“The unauthorized release of a domestic violence photograph immediately generated an internal investigation,” a statement reads. “The Los Angeles Police Department takes seriously its duty to maintain the confidentiality of victims of domestic violence.” (Press Release)

Despite the department’s statement, Rihanna’s father is reportedly upset about the leak.

“Sloppy work on their part,” says Ronald Fenty, speaking to People via telephone from Barbados Friday, shortly after the emergence of a graphic photo Thursday reportedly showing Rihanna’s injuries from the alleged assault by boyfriend Chris Brown. (People)

Fans of both artists have stood by Brown saying it is too early to judge him for allegedly causing physical harm to Rihanna.

“Until you know the whole story u shouldn’t speak on it,” Facebook user Endia wrote unmodified on an open forum discussing the matter. “And I believe if a b*tch got balls enough to hit you she should take a hit and this is coming from a female. I’m tired of women screaming for equality but think it’s ok if a woman hits a man, as long as he doesn’t hit her back. Chris Brown is human like anyone else and someone can only take so much!” (Facebook)

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