Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator has come forward to confirm buzz about his new album Cherry Bomb coming out next week and revealed his issues with Apple’s iTunes retailer.

According to Tyler, iTunes prematurely announced his album’s availability an hour before he unveiled it on Twitter.

“We were supposed to tell everybody to subscribe to the thing,” Tyler said referring to his new Gold Media application. “That technically still happened but I was still editing the video at nine. It was supposed to be up at nine and then f*cking iTunes put the pre-order of the album up at eight. So that’s an hour. Now me personally, I never put out music without the visual first. That’s how I always do my sh*t. Here’s your video, here’s your song, then I announce everything after that. Apple f*cked me in the a** so bad. F*ck Apple. They’re cool but you know we had this planned at nine. Suck a d*ck.” (“The Shane Show”)

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Tyler broke the big album news to fans on Twitter this week.

The new album reportedly features guest appearances from rap stars Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

There are two new song titles already available for purchase: the intro “DEATHCAMP” and the longer “F*****G YOUNG/PERFECT.” However, the most important news is that the album is due out on Monday, April 13; meaning fans will only have to wait a little over four more days to get their hands on a brand new Tyler album. He is having one hell of a week. Based on a quick iTunes search, it appears that Tyler’s album features a song with Lil Wayne and Kanye West. (Complex)


This week, Tyler launched his very own mobile application called Golf Media.

Hey kids, great news: Tyler, the Creator’s previously teased app, which is called Golf Media, is available for download now. Its first content will launch on Wednesday at 9PM PST; last month, Tyler described it as an online media destination that would be: “basically my brain, in one place.” (The FADER)