Odd Future leader Tyler, the Creator isn’t ready to get down with the new Apple takeover following its publicized announcement of a new streaming music service this week.

Tyler, known for his public outbursts, sent an open warning toward Apple enthusiasts Monday (June 8).

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At Apple’s Worldwide Developers’ Conference in California this week, music stars Drake and The Weeknd helped introduce the company’s new streaming service application.

Today at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco, the announcement was made that Apple has streamlined its music app to combine streaming, downloads, and radio all in one place. There’s also a social media element, Connect, which was introduced with a presentation by Drake. The Weeknd closed out the presentation by performing a new song, “Can’t Feel My Face”. (Pitchfork)

In April, Tyler, the Creator gave his take on rap mogul Jay Z‘s recent Tidal music streaming service launch.

“I get the concept of artists taking their sh*t instead of having that weird middle man. But because he got all of the biggest names in the world, it came off as weird. I think that’s why people were turned off. He gotta get an underdog in there that’s not all No. 1s to say, “Hey guys, I’m kind of one of you, this is actually kinda cool.” That’s all they gotta do, because the idea makes sense.” (Billboard)

Recently, Tyler claimed Apple’s iTunes prematurely announced his recently released Cherry Bomb album’s availability on Twitter.

“We were supposed to tell everybody to subscribe to the thing,” Tyler said referring to his new Gold Media application. “That technically still happened but I was still editing the video at nine. It was supposed to be up at nine and then f*cking iTunes put the pre-order of the album up at eight. So that’s an hour. Now me personally, I never put out music without the visual first. That’s how I always do my sh*t. Here’s your video, here’s your song, then I announce everything after that. Apple f*cked me in the a** so bad. F*ck Apple. They’re cool but you know we had this planned at nine. Suck a d*ck.” (“The Shane Show”)