Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator recently talked about the possibility of releasing a new album in the near future and dished on his reaction to R&B diva Beyoncé’s self-titled overnight release last December.

Despite landing on handfuls of other artists’ tracks this year, Tyler said he did not have enough original material to piece together a solo project.

“Dude, it’s f—ed up, but I don’t have any new songs. I wish I did. Maybe next year. Right now I’m just doing other things,” Tyler explained in an interview when asked about a new album being on the horizon. “[A surprise album like Beyoncé did?] I would love to do that. I wanted to do that with my last album but I wasn’t able to. When Beyoncé did it, I was like “What the f—? That was my idea years ago! F— you!” (Billboard)

Check out what Tyler had to say about his admiration for Pharrell Williams right here…

Tyler also gushed over his respect for Neptunes hitmaker Pharrell Williams.

“That’s my n—a. I talked to him the other day. I told him I was learning guitar and sent him video of me playing it. He was so f—ing excited. It’s little shit like that that makes me say, “I need to get better.”” (Billboard)

Last year, rap star Kanye West boasted about how much he respected Tyler.

“Artist. Innovator. A good mentor. He helped me out with some of the [Yeezus] merch. So talented, he understands things. Went to film school, I email him, like, ‘Could you teach me how to make videos?’ Did you see his amazing Mountain Dew commercial before it was banned? It’s the best thing in the last year. You know what should be banned? Stuff that’s whack, not stuff that’s controversial. The world is controversial, classist, racist — so what. You guys are selling soda, be glad someone that creative took a moment to help you do what you do.” (98.7 The Amp)